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Expert Advice for Adventure Kashmir Tours

Kashmir is a beautiful valley surrounded by snowcapped mountains and is one place in India that surely should be in your travel list. There is something for everyone and is a perfect holiday destination. There are many Kashmirtour packages that you can opt for or you can plan your trip alone as well. You can just roam about and explore the beautiful natural landscape here or try out the many adventure sports like hiking and even river rafting. If you are planning a family trip, you can visit places like Sonamarg, Gulmarg, and Srinagar and if you are planning a trip with your friend, apart from all these places, Leh, Ladakh and Pahalagam should definitely be in your list.
There is a lot to do in Kashmir, if you are looking for a short 5-6 days trip here and there are:
These cable cars are the major attractions in Gulmarg and you trip to Kashmir is incomplete without a ride on these as once you are on top of the mountain, you can enjoy stunning view of the snowcapped mountains and also the beautiful view below. The ride itself would be an experience that you will remember for the days to come and hence, make sure that your Kashmir package includes a trip to Gulmarg.
There are also many monasteries in Leh and Ladakh and some of them are many years old. The calm and serene ambience of these monasteries is something that you will surely like. Thiskey Monastery, Stok, Diskit, Likir and Spituk are some of the famous monasteries here and there are various Kashmir vacation packages available that includes a trip to these monasteries.
Pahalgam is the place where you can try out river rafting, trekking, and hiking etc. and if you are looking for these, customized your Kashmir group package accordingly and go for the packages offered by agencies like Package.in Kashmir Tour.

Kashmir Group Vacation Packages

If there is one place in India that you must visit at least once in your lifetime is Jammu and Kashmir. Inspite of the political volatility, Kashmir has been attracting people from all across the world since time immemorial. Most people from the west are attracted to Kashmir’s Leh and Ladakh and of course the Himalayan land of Zanskar, both these areas being home to friendly and hospitable Tibetan people who are mostly Buddhist, timeless monasteries, beautiful snowcapped mountains and arid canyons. The alpine scenery and lovely summers attract people from other parts of the country as well there are many agencies that offer Kashmir vacation packages. You will come across different types of tour options and based on what you are looking for in your Kashmir holidays, you need to choose one.
Kashmir is an example of flawless natural beauty and there is a lot to explore here starting from beautiful colorful valleys to castles and mansions that are centuries old. Let’s have a look at what Kashmir has in store to offer for the first time visitors:

Ladakh is one of those rare places in Kashmir that is not affected by the wars and communal riots. There are numerous whitewashed stupas and beautiful gompas. The Thikse monastery is a must visit in Ladakh and of course the very beautiful Pangong Lake that is slowly becoming a popular tourist destination. Nubra Valley is yet another place that is simply stunning and a must visit. Lamayuru is a very beautiful monastery in a village known by the same name. The Tsomoriri Lake, sand dunes at Hunder, Khartungla Pass are some of the other places that are worth visiting in Ladakh.

Almost all Kashmir tour packages consist of a tour of Srinagar, the capital of the state. Srinagar is a beautiful city and Dal Lake with its houseboats or shikaras is the city’s charm. Make sure you take a relaxing ride in one of these to revive the lost romance in your relationship. You can even stay at one of the houseboats in Srinagar. Nigeen Lake is yet another place known for its beautiful and tranquil surrounding where you can sit and enjoy the serene ambience of the nature. If you want to witness, the beauty of Mughal architecture, then Pari Mahal or the palace of fairies is a must visit. Hazratbat Shrine is a place of religious importance here. Srinagar is the home to the largest tulip garden in Asia and hence, this is yet another place that attracts tourists from far and wide and make sure that your Kashmir package includes this beautiful and colorful garden. Another beautiful garden in Kashmir is the Mughal Garden also known as the garden of love built keeping in mind the Persian style of architecture. Located along the banks of Dal Lake, do not forget to watch the sunset here. With the Zabarwan Mountains at its backdrop, this place is an absolute bliss. You do not have to be religious to visit the Sankaracharya Temple in the Kashmire valley. This temple is the oldest in the valley and hence, has history associated with it. Visit the temple to spend some lone time and connect to your spiritual self. The Hari Parbat is surrounded by a mosque, a temple and a gurudwara on its three sides and there is of course the Durrani Fort that was built in the year 1808. Also make sure to visit the floating market where shikaras work as stalls from where you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables of the valley. The Royal Spring golf course is the best in the continent and is also open to all.
Amongst other places, Gulmarg, Sonamarg, and Pahalgam are also famous and there is a lot more to explore. Agencies like Package.in Kashmir Tour offers you customized Kashmir group packages and vacation packages to make your holidays perfect.

Exclusive Kashmir Tour Packages


 Kashmir is also known as the ‘paradise on earth’ and it truly is. If you have already visited Kashmir then you probably know the reasons and if you have not, then you need to visit the place to find out the reasons yourself. There are umpteen numbers of Kashmir group packages and tour packages available that you can opt for exploring this beautiful place in the lap of Himalayas. The Srinagar airport accepts flight from all the cities of the country and there is also the Indian railway and state-run bus services that connect Kashmir to the rest of the country and you can choose one depending upon your budge. Travel agencies like Package.in Kashmir Tour can plan your trip in the perfect way so that enjoy your trip to the fullest and not worry about anything.

If you are wondering whether Kashmir is safe to travel or not, then you need not worry about anything as Kashmir at present is politically stable and safe for the travelers as well.
Sonamarg located along the Srinagar and Ladakh Highway is a place that surely would take your breath away. It is a two and half hour drive from the capital and the Thajiwas Glacier is what makes this place famous. It would take around 5 hours to hike up and down the glacier and if you are looking for some adventure, this is certainly something you should try out. Make sure that Kashmir package includes Gulmarg or a beautiful ski resort and if you do not want to ski, take a gondola ride for sure to get on top of the Mount Apharwat to enjoy the panoramic view of the valley. Pahalgam with its snowcapped mountains and crystal clear rivers is yet another place that should be a part of your Kashmir vacation package.

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Kashmir is a destination that will surely touch your heart

One of the very few places on earth that will not fail to impress you ever in which ever form and whatever season is Kashmir, the most expensive jewel on India’s crown. The best thing is the changing hues of this esteem crown every season shouting different images to showcase, be it the bed of flowers in the summers to fruit laden trees in autumn or sacred snowfall in the winter months. The Himalayan range up the north and the Pir Panjal in the south with lakes, orchards, rivers and dense forest, the valley echoes nature at its most beautiful form.
To realise your holiday ideas, visit Kashmir in the winter when snow carpets the entire mountain range and you let loose in the innumerable snow sports like snow sledging, skiing and tobogganing. The orchards flourishing and the flowers blooming in spring and summer can only be seen to believe. You get the royal opportunity to play golf 2,700 metres above sea level, water ski in the frozen lakes and sit idly to capture the prized rainbow trout. A long trail along the long winding roads with pine trees on either sides or a ride in the shikaara on the Dal Lake of Srinagar or simply relinquishing the gorgeousness of the houseboats, the options are boundless and awesome to select from.         
With various activities for children, a family holiday is highly recommended. The dream destination can be reached by air or rail. There are direct flights from all the major Indian cities which are in turn connected well with the rest of the world.

Touch the silver snowfall and enjoy the beautiful journey with family

Kashmir the paradise on earth can be visited throughout the year with unique looks on offer in all the four seasons. The valley blossoms up with the vivid beauty of colourful flowers in spring and the absolute green meadows calls for summer.  It’s a treat to see the ripened fruits and the trees bending with the weight of them in the autumn months and Winter as expected witnesses heavy snow thus attracting all the adventure sports and ski lovers to take part in snow sports in this valley which is snow clad then. So to have a taste of different kind of flavours it s recommended visiting Kashmir in various seasons and having a firsthand experience with a fairytale in reality.

Pahalgam in the period October to February is the ideal time for you to travel with family if you want to relish the beauty of snowfall. The sudden temperature dip freezes the valley and there is snow everywhere peaking in December-January. Temperatures dropping to sub zero the mountain range is covered with pristine snowfall and the rough terrain is seen wearing a white veil.
Gulmarg another premier hill resort too witnesses beautiful snowfall in the winter months and is in fact the premier ski resort of the country.  The journey to this heavenly place is itself half enchantment especially from Tanmarg while climbing to Gulmarg with white snow covered fir forests on either side. There is a particular place called the view point where most stop to get the magnanimous view of the Himalayas.